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  • When we assumed ownership of the building it was vacant and in need of repairs. Being absentee owners we had to depend on him to bring the building up to code, and update the interior to make it a desired rental. BRYANT COMPANIES and staff did everything to find contractors who did the necessary work. In all phases BRYANT COMPANIES got better than estimates bids, for the work. BRYANT COMPANIES then oversaw the work to assure that the repairs were done to code and at a quality standard. BRYANT COMPANIES then found us tenants and thanks to them our property is fully occupied. BRYANT COMPANIES Staff keeps us informed on the status of our property and tenants.

Patrick & Linda B.
Property Owners

  • Since 1986 BRYANT COMPANIES has managed a four-unit apartment building in South Pasadena. BRYANT COMPANIES has been very prompt about arranging for repairs needed or requested for the building, and in particular has been diligent, patient and fair in negotiating compromises between tenants when disagreements have arisen.

Rosemary R.
Property Owner

  • BRYANT COMPANIES has provided competent care for my mothers properties for over 8 years. During that time BRYANT COMPANIES has always been punctual, compassionate, considerate and above all completely and totally honest.

Jeanne W.
Property Owner

  • BRYANT COMPANIES has been our property manager for many years. We find them to be efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable. The accounts are managed in a professional manner and the property looked after with care.

Alice S.
Property Owner

  • I have rented from BRYANT COMPANIES for almost 6 years now. I love my apartment and I have enjoyed my relationship with BRYANT COMPANIES. I have recommended over 30 people to BRYANT COMPANIES and there have been at least 5 that I know of that have rented through their office. BRYANT COMPANIES has been wonderful to speak to, are efficient, helpful and patient when it comes to your needs.

Estacia A.